Green Life can provide both the artistic presentations and horticultural expertise needed to bring healthy, beautiful plants into your environment.

For businesses, Green Life’s understands the importance of creating and protecting a pleasing client environment. Your business image deserves a professional, first class appearance.

Existing installations can often be markedly beautified and upgraded with professional refreshing. This process involves;

–plant cleaning

–leaf polishing


–raising soil levels

–pest control


–mossing or re-mossing.

Moss is a natural material used to cover the root zone in the pot. It is intended to show in the opening of the decorative container. It comes in a variety of textures and colors that can complement the existing planters and room decor. It adds pizzazz and definition to the plantscape, as well as helping to preserve plant moisture.

Green Life is also equipped to assist with patioscapes and pot and dish plantings in protected outdoor living areas.

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